HP Spectre x360 13 2020 – How FAST is Intel’s 10th Gen. Processor?!


Hp spectre x360

How’s it going guys, Today we will be reviewing and the HP Spectre x360 13inch laptop with one of Intel’s 10th Gen processors and I think this is one of the fastest compact Windows laptops you can buy right now because of the Integration of Intel’s new development here but there’s more…

We’ll be talking about Intel and HP in this article. Specifically,  Intel’s 10th Gen Processor and the 13 inch HP Spectre laptop.

I get a lot of questions like Hi Fisayo, we need a compact laptop that can work for video editing or graphic design. For those who follow me, you know I’m a graphic designer and that was my full-time job. I know a lot of small YouTubers starting out and they want to create something amazing and they need something to start.

I’m not saying you should outrightly go and buy this but there’s some value here and that’s what I want to share with you and Without further delay, let’s get started.

Some key specifications to note here for my model are the 8GB of RAM which you can move up to 16GB and 500GB of  SSD which I’ve seen being configured to 2TB and also, 32GB of Optane memory for that extra boost in performance.

I was able to do some light gaming on here. I did find that the Spectre I have has 1GB of Video RAM separate from its 8GB of  Actual RAM.

Shoutout to the new Intel Iris Pro graphics, it was able to take in games like  Asphalt while other games like Call of Duty and Gears of War had higher requirements so if you want to get this for gaming, definitely go for a version with a higher graphics card or video memory.

You can experience gaming on the normal desktop mode with keyboards or if you want a full tablet experience you can experience it with the gyroscope and tilt your computer like a tablet. I thought it was a cool experience really and I didn’t notice any lag here, shout out to the processors on this guy.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into the processor. What is it about the Intel  10th Gen Processor that makes this thing tick?

Looking historically, Intel has and is a major household name in computing especially when it comes to processors. If you’re my age, maybe  older than me or know a lot about computers, you would remember the days of the introduction  of Pentium which was extensively redefined and now onto the Core series, you’re probably  familiar with Core Duo, Core i3, Core i5,

Core i7 and Core i9, obviously higher in terms of progressions as you can see, there are key benefits to upgrading, especially with the 10th generation processors where you get better graphics, ability to do heavy photo and video editing work and of course with a higher price tag when you upgrade. That’s sort of a brief look.

Some key features of Intel’s 10th  Gen processors you should note are;

  1. Wi-Fi 6 GIG+ for Gamers to enjoy even better  speeds while gaming
  2. low latency or lags and
  3. protection against Wi-Fi hacking.

When I tested gaming on this laptop, it was smooth and another feature it supports is the better frames per second so your gaming is definitely immersive.

TO enjoy the maximum benefits, you could also consider investing in something like a PC Build using the  Core i9 10th Gen or a higher-end laptop.

You’ve also got Thunderbolt 3 ports which provide more bandwidth and speed. Much better than USB 3.0 and when I transferred files from my memory card onto the laptop, it was indeed quite fast.

I previously mentioned the Intel Octane memory and of course, their newest SSD technology, That way your transfer speeds are faster and your video editing software can benefit from it.

I used this laptop to edit a video as well and it was quite responsive, I didn’t have playback issues for Full HD videos, nothing like skipped frames or anything of the sort.

For the power users, there’s an option for overclocking up to 3.9GHz and in fact, getting a Core  i9 10th Gen Intel processor lets you get crazy with overclocking speeds up to 5.3GHz. That just sounds too much.

Anyway, I think Intel’s 10th gen processor is definitely a good move from Intel, and for them, it’s a good way, at least on this  HP Spectre 13 inch x360 to get desktop-level performance combined with the feeling of a tablet into one device.

I think light gamers would benefit since most mainstream video editing software require at least 8GB of RAM, you’ve got that here and an  SSD to help as well. It’s thin and light and highly suited for those who would want to do a lot of word processing and browsing.

I’ll leave the details of the pricing and where to get the HP Spectre for the best price but as far as quality to price ratio,  I think you are getting value for your money.

I have got the Core i7 version of the HP’s Spectre x360, it’s got approximately 13 Inches in screen size, it’s a Full HD Touch Screen  Display. I found the display to be really good, the touch was really responsive and the video quality was also very enjoyable, yes there are bezels at the bottom, not sides though, but I didn’t seem to mind that much.

Hp spectre x360

You’ve also got auto-rotate and when you turn it into this sort of canopy mode, it flips the entire display as well. One of the very interesting things about this laptop is that It does flip onto the other side. Hence, the x360 in the name.

The flip motion is straightforward, and it turns to the back of the laptop making it a tablet. In fact, the precisely cut edges are so well-thought-out that if there’s a charger or USB c cable plugged in, it will not be affected. Just a cool touch to the design.

However, the keyboard sticking out to the back is a design choice I wish could have been better but hey, it works and if you buy it you do get a  stylus pen.

I think the design overall is appealing. Speaking of the design when it comes to the ports and I/O.

first of all, on the right side of the laptop is where we get the micro SD-card slot, the camera switch to turn on and off the camera which is a good move for privacy, the USB-C port, charging indicator, and another USB-C port which is on the adjacent angle.

On the left side, we’ve got the USB A port, and it’s cool that they managed to fit it into this slimness of a laptop here, to access it, you’ll just need to flip it down a little bit. To the left of it is the headphone jack and lastly, on the corner, you’ve got the power button which lights up and I must say, If I didn’t check the manual, I’d probably not know that the power button was there.

You’ve got the HP logo up top and on the back is where you’ve got your vents and speakers as well as the grip and this laptop while it feels sturdy does feel really light in my hand.

You’ve also got a fingerprint sensor and in addition, a face scanner both to unlock your laptop.  There’s quite a few Spectre branding here and there and speaking of branding,  the speakers are made by Bang & Olufsen.

The front-facing camera is also pretty good so webcam images for video conferences or video calls, Skype,  zoom etcetera, would look just fine. My typing experience was really great on the Spectre, I thought the key travel was just right and the tactile feedback on it was very welcome. It’s controllably backlit in 3 different modes where it’s completely off, turned on, or at medium brightness.

Another privacy tool you have on the keyboard is the ability to turn off your mic as well and it shows an orange light so you’ll know it’s muted. However, because of the small form factor of  the 13-inch computer, if you’ve got big hands, you have the option of getting a 15-inch version  depending on

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