7 Websites That Pay $10 In Just MINUTES Working From Home

Do you have just 10 minutes to spare so you can make some extra money working right from home well I’m going to show you seven websites that are going to pay you ten dollars in just minutes and you can repeat this over and over again. Payment is via PayPal and I’m gonna give you all the details right in this article.

today I’m going to show you some websites that will pay you up to 90 dollars for just minutes of work all you have to do is become a website tester where will be helping companies create user-friendly websites.

The tasks are pretty simple to do like testing menus and buttons and giving feedback about your decision and choices you would make on these websites and much more.

companies conduct what they call usability testing this helps them figure out the flaws that might affect the overall outcome of their websites and apps.

7 Websites That Pay $10 In Just MINUTES Working From Home

User zoom

join people from all over the world making additional income by sharing

their experiences. user zoom pays you anywhere from $10 on average for thinking out loud in the microphone. so to sign up go over to as soon as you get over there click on join our panel

and that’s gonna take you over to the signup page then you can get started with the signup process just go ahead and click on let’s do this.

Testing time

this is another website that’s going to pay you €50 per hour yes so that’s not a typo. €50 per hour you can test websites in products at home they also guarantee a fun and extraordinary experience so if you guys want to check this out which I highly recommend go over to and click on become a tester. that’ll take you right over to a signup form, enter your first name and your email and click on sign me up as a paid tester.


all you need here is a computer with a microphone the computer can be a

Windows machine or a Mac computer. it’s also helpful to have a mobile device because you’ll be conducting tests on those devices as well many of

their studies pay in the range of a hundred dollars which is really really good and all the payments are sent out through PayPal.

Speaking of a hundred dollars, on a lot of these websites you may not make that $100 mark every single day but if you’re looking to earn more money if you want to earn an extra hundred or two hundred dollars a day with your business this is exactly what

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Maybe you don’t want to always be on the computer all the time check out that link below right now and I will get that information over to you right away.

On Validately, as soon as you get there just click on sign me up that’ll take you over to a new page where you can create an account and you guys can learn a little bit more about it and find out the different pop on the companies that have worked with Validately.


This website is easy to join with a really short application you can get paid as much as $20 per test for every single project that you do, some projects can pay as much as $90 which is really fantastic.

All this just by having fun expressing your opinions and navigating the web. to signup head over to Userlytics and click on the tester signup button that’ll take you over to a signup form.

 pretty easy steps here to get started

  1. number one register and earn money
  2. number two interact with web or mobile apps get paid via PayPal to get started

Enter your email address agree that you are at least 16 years or older and agree to the Terms of Use and privacy policy click on sign up.


Each of the tests on this website will last around 10 to 20 minutes and it’s completed with your home computer.

Now you will want to watch the example video on the front page to understand what their customers are looking for they will pay you about $10 per test and all you need is a Windows or Mac computer to do this.

You’ll need to speak loudly and clearly into the microphone while performing the tests, you say what is useful to you on the websites you test and what attracts your attention to these different websites. All this information is very helpful to them.

To sign up and get started head over to Userfeel and click on become a tester that’ll take you to a page with more information about what they want and what they don’t want. Read the instructions carefully before applying there’s also an example video over here that explains how everything works so I recommend watching that alright.


This website wants to pay you up to sixty dollars per test. just completely set up tasks and speak out loud that’s all you have to do then you get paid via PayPal for every twenty-minute task that you complete.

To sign up go over to user Usertesting and click on get paid to test That will take you over to a signup form. Type in your email and click apply complete the tasks and get paid pretty straightforward


 This website will pay you $10 for each test that you take a typical test can last around 20 minutes there’s also no limit on how many tests you can do.

they send out payments every single Friday through PayPal so you don’t have to wait around for like a whole month or weeks to get your payments.

To join go over TrymyUI and then just click on the button that says get paid to test and that’ll take you right over to a signup page just enter your name your PayPal email address and everything.

You can get up and running with TrymyUI fairly quickly so go over there and check it out.

Now what I recommend is for you to sign up to more than one website because just from listening to the feedback from others unfortunately some people did complain that they did not get as many tests that they had anticipated. so what I would do is to sign up for multiple sites. This way, you guys can have those tests coming in regularly so you’ll make more money.

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The above websites are not going to make you rich this is only a part-time supplemental income that you can do from home.

However, if you’re looking to make a full-time passive income right online maybe you don’t want to always be on a computer all the time maybe you don’t want to do software tests or maybe you want to spend more time with your family and make money while you sleep while you’re out on vacation and traveling.

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