5 Weird Apps That Pay You Real Money

In this article, I’m gonna show you guys five apps that are paying out and as a special bonus, I want to show how you can get paid from PayPal by using Google.

If you’ve always wanted to make money using your phone this is going to be the best article you have ever read.

Let’s go ahead and jump into this tutorial.

 you can download this free app right now inside of the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and you can start making money by uploading photos.

I know it sounds crazy you can make money with the photos that are already inside of your smartphone.

once you upload the photos to this app, users will give it a rating between one to five and so now if your photo gets a rating of four or higher it will be placed inside of the marketplace for sale.

I don’t know about you guys but a lot of people have a lot of cool pictures right on their phones so the best thing to do is to submit your best photos so you can have an opportunity to earn up to $5 directly to PayPal every time someone downloads and uses your photos from this app.

There are also missions that you guys can do. missions you can earn up

to $100 per single photo that you submit. The mission is something where the community is given a specific task or concept when taking a picture. For example maybe something like taking a cool picture of a pair of tennis shoes or taking a picture of a used car or something like that. Then what you do is you submit that photo to the website on the app and the winner

gets $100 so there are some really good opportunities.

How would you guys like to make real money with your smartphone just for walking around and making videos??  I know that sounds pretty cool.

All you would have to do is download this app and take on different tasks that they give you just using your smartphone. For example, if you were to walk in a store and take pictures of various items or something like those various items that are on a shelf inside of a store or taking pictures of your dog or whatever or what about taking pictures of yourself tasting different foods and drinks.

one person over on the Google Play Store claims to have made $720 just by doing these various tasks taking pictures right on your phone so it’s a really cool deal now I don’t know how legit that is but this is what someone said so you definitely have to check this out.

The amount you can earn each job it ranges from $2 all the way up to $30 and the payments are made directly through your bank or you can have your payments sent to PayPal.

Google Opinion Rewards

 how would you guys like to get paid by Google just for sharing your opinions about something? Google has a free app out there right now that claims to pay people money just for taking surveys.

Basically, Google helps brands and companies offer better services to cut spammers by having people just like you and I share our opinion about different products and services that are out there.

There are two ways to earn with this. You can use their app or you can also use their audience management system on the website or you can just use both when you select a survey the very first few questions determine whether or not you qualify for the survey now if you qualify they’ll give you a redeemable credit immediately when you complete the survey.

So how much money can you make, well the pay could be a little bit better but you can earn up to $1 for every single survey that you complete. you’ll have to repeat this process until you have enough inside of your account to cash out but the best part is you know they’re going pay you through PayPal and yes you can also get Google Play credits that you can use to buy apps inside of the Google Play Store so it’s a pretty good deal to earn some extra cash if that’s what you guys want to do.

 I’m totally pumped up about this app because I’ve already started using this one myself and I’m really excited about it so I want to share it with you guys today.

This app is going to pay you for doing almost nothing so all you do is you just set it and forget it. so install it log in set your phone down and just go on with your day and the money just starts to come in it sounds too good to be true but this app is all the rage right now and so many people are jumping on this so I recommend you guys do the same.

All you do is install the app you can go to the Apple App Store you could go to the Google Play Store and download this right now. What you have to do is to link your credit cards and debit cards to this app so whenever you pay with these cards you get cashback now it’s that simple

there really is no catch there’s not like well what are they going to do like you know to steal my cards or whatever. You can also refer friends and get five dollars every time they sign up using your code.

If you are concerned about linking your credit card information or having them take your information well just want to let you know that dosh doesn’t have the capacity to store your credit card information since all the data is tokenized and vaulted using a process called Braintree. This is a separate identity and Braintree is a division of PayPal and PayPal is one of the most trusted payment platforms over the last two decades so you can transfer your cash to your bank account you can have your cash transferred to your PayPal account or you can send it to charity or you can do whatever you want with it.


 how would you guys like to get paid for watching videos? a lot of us are already watching videos well you can get paid for watching videos and doing simple surveys.

This app allows you to participate in different online surveys and doing product testing right from home yes they’re actually going to pay you for testing out products that you have inside of your home now this app was

designed by a company called FGI Research and Analytics with the whole goal of gathering consumer behavior on the Internet and they’re going to pay you when you give your response through your phone.

The great thing about this app is that for all the activities that you do they’re going to pay you directly to PayPal.

If the application is not running in the background I just want to let you know that the software won’t process the payment so just make sure to keep it running in the background on your phone. Head over to Google play store and download it but Unfortunately, it’s not available for iPhone users at this time.


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